The cryotherapy results cut off weeks from my recovery time

In 2018 Janne had bilateral osteotomies to correct the alignment of his femur and tibia. After the surgery on his left leg in February he received no cryotherapy. After the operation to his right leg in October Janne received localized cryotherapy regularly from postoperative day four onwards.

This is what Janne says about his cryotherapy results:

“After the cryotherapy session the swelling went down fast and the mobility of my right knee returned much faster than in the left knee that received no cryotherapy. Encouraged by the amazing results I went for cryotherapy nearly daily during my recovery.

Cryotherapy clearly accelerated my post-operative healing and allowed me to stop taking pain medication significantly sooner than with the knee that received no cryotherapy. I feel that cryotherapy cut weeks off my recovery time. This was a major advantage to an active, and sometimes impatient, person like me.

I can warmly recommend cryotherapy to speed up post-operative recovery. The effect is immediate, the treatment is easy, and it takes only a few minutes at a time.”

Cryotherapy accelerates recovery from stress

Formula 1 drivers are put to a hard test each time they start their engines. A race demands both physical and mental strength and endurance as well as undivided and clear focus. There is no room for less than a top notch performance.

Kimi Räikkönen, known as the Iceman for his unwavering control under stress, uses cryotherapy to accelerate recovery from strain and pain especially in his lower back and legs as well as to relax both mind and body.

This is what Kimi says about his cryotherapy results:

“Driving an F1 car requires top condition mentally and physically. Depending on the course and the circumstances, the physicality varies quite a bit, but this sport is often very tough physically.

I use cryotherapy for recovery and alleviation of pain. It is of particular benefit after hard physical training or a tough race weekend, and whenever there is any pain. It is also relaxing.

I have no particular treatment routine, but when I am at home I use the equipment daily. Ice swimming is good and I also have a cold pool at home and I like both, but they are not quite as effective as cryotherapy. Whenever possible I use to localized X°Cryo during race weekends as well.

I use CTN equipment, as I rely on Finnish technology and know-how, and I didn’t want to take any risks in this.”

X°Cryo makes beauty treatments painlessly cool

Taina Heikkinen is the owner and leading specialist nurse at Nordicshape Oy, a clinic specializing in aesthetic beauty treatments and located in Espoo, Finland. She has used CTN aesthetic devices at the clinic for some years now and continues to be impressed with their performance and high quality.

This is what Taina says:

“The latest addition to our CTN devices, the X°Cryo has proven to be a very versatile and successful upgrade to our services. We use it obviously for a lot for Cryofacials, but in addition to this it has been an efficient and safe alternative for pain management in IPL and Laser treatments and it works well in treating acne and other skin disorders.

The operating costs are nominal and the operation of the device itself is ergonomic and safe. Both our staff and our customers have been very happy with this new treatment alternative, and I can highly recommend it to aesthetic professionals.”

Cryotherapy keeps a fighter fit

Aleksi Toivonen is a professional mixed martial arts fighter. His sport of choice requires extreme physical endurance, speed and strength. The large muscles of the back, legs and shoulders come under particular strain. Cryotherapy is Aleksi’s go to treatment option for recovery and recuperation from minor injuries.

This is what Aleksi says:

”At the end of 2019 I tore the anterior cruciate ligament in my knee. Straight after surgery localized cryotherapy became part of my recovery protocol. Cryotherapy was very effective, especially in terms of getting rid of the swelling early on. I recovered the range of motion in my knee much faster than the average. Also, during the period of more intense physical therapy I used the CTN X°Cryo after each session to control acute inflammation and swelling.

I believe cryotherapy helps me to recover from practice and hard wear and tear because it boosts my metabolism and relaxes me. For me the major benefit comes from the fast healing of injuries and minor bumps. Especially localized cryotherapy with the X°Cryo has been very effective for me and I use cryotherapy daily after my practice sessions. When your goal is to be the best, you can rely only on the best.”

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