Cryotherapy keeps a fighter fit

Aleksi Toivonen is a professional mixed martial arts fighter. His sport of choice requires extreme physical endurance, speed and strength. The large muscles of the back, legs and shoulders come under particular strain. Cryotherapy is Aleksi’s go to treatment option for recovery and recuperation from minor injuries.

This is what Aleksi says:

”At the end of 2019 I tore the anterior cruciate ligament in my knee. Straight after surgery localized cryotherapy became part of my recovery protocol. Cryotherapy was very effective, especially in terms of getting rid of the swelling early on. I recovered the range of motion in my knee much faster than the average. Also, during the period of more intense physical therapy I used the CTN X°Cryo after each session to control acute inflammation and swelling.

I believe cryotherapy helps me to recover from practice and hard wear and tear because it boosts my metabolism and relaxes me. For me the major benefit comes from the fast healing of injuries and minor bumps. Especially localized cryotherapy with the X°Cryo has been very effective for me and I use cryotherapy daily after my practice sessions. When your goal is to be the best, you can rely only on the best.”