X°Cryo makes beauty treatments painlessly cool

Taina Heikkinen is the owner and leading specialist nurse at Nordicshape Oy, a clinic specializing in aesthetic beauty treatments and located in Espoo, Finland. She has used CTN aesthetic devices at the clinic for some years now and continues to be impressed with their performance and high quality.

This is what Taina says:

“The latest addition to our CTN devices, the X°Cryo has proven to be a very versatile and successful upgrade to our services. We use it obviously for a lot for Cryofacials, but in addition to this it has been an efficient and safe alternative for pain management in IPL and Laser treatments and it works well in treating acne and other skin disorders.

The operating costs are nominal and the operation of the device itself is ergonomic and safe. Both our staff and our customers have been very happy with this new treatment alternative, and I can highly recommend it to aesthetic professionals.”