Many top athletes, from Kimi “Iceman” Räikkönen to Finland’s largest football club Ilves, rely on cryotherapy. CTN, a Finnish manufacturer of cryotherapy equipment and accessories, is the Finnish Olympic Committee’s newest partner, ensuring that top cryotherapy treatments are also available to athletes on the Olympic team.
Cryotherapy is a natural and drug-free treatment for muscle, joint and skin problems. The treatment is based on rapid cooling of the body’s skin temperature creating something called thermal shock. This simulated state of emergency triggers a physiological response in the nervous system that produce feel-good enzymes and hormones such as adrenaline, cortisol, endorphins and testosterone. The treatment increases blood flow and metabolism which can promote healing from inflammation, injury and surgery. In sports, cryotherapy offers a quick way to relieve pain and recover from exertion. CTN’s professional-grade equipment and accessories are widely used by top athletes, but are equally suitable for all individuals. There are already more than 150 clinics in Finland alone offering cryotherapy with CTN equipment.

Maarit Valtonen, Chief Medical Officer of the Olympic Committee, warmly welcomes CTN to the list of companies supporting the Olympic team. Vesa Kuparinen, Physiotherapist in charge of the Olympic Committee, considers CTN Group’s cryotherapy equipment to be an important aid in body care and recovery of Olympic athletes.

– Hard physical training and competitions where the body is subjected to maximum stress require effective recovery. If the body does not recover properly, the athlete’s performance will decline. Sleep and adequate nutrition are of course part of recovery as well. In competitive situations when recovery time can be limited, cryotherapy can play an important role in this process by boosting recovery quickly.

– Many top athletes are already familiar with cold treatments. It’s a great asset to have CTN’s cryotherapy equipment on the Olympic team’s trips to Tokyo and Beijing. They are designed to support athletes on their journey towards the best possible performance during the Games.

Mare Oravainen, CTN’s Sales Director, sees the partnership as a great opportunity to gain new customer experiences from Olympic experts, top athletes and sports physiotherapists.

– The collaboration will allow us to test the efficiency and effects of cryotherapy in a top tier multi-sport environment. This is an interesting challenge for us, as we want to find out how the equipment and treatments are suited for different types of sports.

– Based on feedback from Kimi “Iceman” Räikkönen and HIFK Football Club, we know that cryotherapy speeds up muscle recovery, increases mobility, eases sports injuries and speeds up metabolism. Cryotherapy also helps with stress and sleep disorders. We are honoured to be able to help the top athletes on Finland’s Olympic team to recover faster and compete without pain.

Kimi Räikkönen Huippukylmähoidossa
Kimi enjoying his natural habitat of sub-zero temperatures                                    HIFK Football Club physiotherapist using CTN’s X°CRYO unit

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