CRYO°CABIN – the ultimate cryo chamber

Exposing your whole body to sub–zero temperatures in a cryo chamber can bring many enhancing benefits to your immune system, sports recovery, wellness and overall health.

The CRYO°CABIN is simply about boosting the regenerative potential of your body by exposing your skin to very cold temperatures for a recommended treatment period of two to three minutes. It is ideal for maximizing performance potential before exertion and minimizing recovery time afterwards. No wonder F1 world champion Kimi Räikkönen, the Ice Man, is a satisfied user of CTN’s cryo chamber.

The sub-zero temperature in the CRYO°CABIN may have a chilly edge, but there is no risk of frostbite when using the cryo chamber with appropriate protective footwear and apparel.

Our cabin is available in three models, the Standard, the XL and the Slim, making it easy to find the best fit for you.

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Benefits of the CRYO°CABIN

The CRYO°CABIN is an easy and comfortable way to access the stimulating and analgesic effects of controlled exposure to very cold temperatures. Just one session can bring benefits, but they are best accessed by regular sessions.

The cabin can be used as a means to accelerate recovery and reduce tissue swelling after exertion and as preparation for physiotherapy and physical exercise. The exposure of the whole body to cryotherapeutic sub-zero temperatures can also support weight control by reducing liquid retention and allowing a swifter return to your fitness regime after injuries.

Athletic performance and recovery

Increased blood flow, the release of natural hormones and enzymes as well as the reduction of lactic acid provide improved performance and better resistance to fatigue as well as support muscle recovery for better mobility and elasticity. Inflammation and pain are reduced which allows for quick return to preferred level of activity.


Cryotherapy has analgesic properties, and offers a natural, non-medical method of relief from e.g. muscle aches, headaches, chronic pain and rheumatoid arthritis or skin irritations. Cryotherapy also accelerates recovery from injuries and medical operations by boosting circulation of well-oxygenated blood and facilitating pain-free physiotherapy or occupational therapy and thereby a speedier return of mobility.

The physiological hormonal responses to whole–body cryotherapy can also help manage mood disorders such as anxiety and depression.


During whole–body cryotherapy the release of endorphins and neuropeptides and the lowering of the stress hormone cortisol boost the feeling of wellbeing and mental calm. This not only reduces stress but also supports motivation and focus, both elemental in goal-oriented sports and recovery from injuries but also in a fulfilling and satisfying life.


Increased blood circulation due to the brief exposure to extreme cold contributes to the elimination of toxins, rejuvenating and renewing the skin. Regular short term cooling of the skin can also soothe skin irritations from e.g. allergies and psoriasis.

How does the CRYO°CABIN work?

The CRYO°CABIN utilizes patented Active Vortex Circulation™ which allows for effective and safe cooling. The sleek cabin is built with only the highest quality materials and industrial grade components for maximum ease and comfort of operation and use. The adjustable floor ensures easy entry and exit into the cabin and makes the cabin suitable for all heights and body shapes. During the treatment the user’s head will always be over the top of the cylinder.

Our cabin uses liquid NO2 for cooling and has a precise flow control system which lowers consumption to 1 litre/minute. This makes it the lowest consuming whole body cryotherapy cabin on the market!

A fully automated treatment process and remote diagnostics are supported by integrated wireless technology and smart software and intelligent active safety sensors monitor the user and the treatment process in real time. A de-icing feature guarantees your unit will not freeze up when you need it most.

All of our cabins are made in Finland, and they are CE certified. We offer the CRYO°CABIN a warranty of up to 3 years so you can focus on enjoying your cabin and providing an effective and efficient recovery and wellness service to your clients.

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Space requirements and installation of the CRYO°CABIN

The cooling technology and safe operation of the cabin require a recommended minimum floor area of 12 m2 (3 x 4 m) and a minimum free height of 2,65 m, but the larger the floor area and the bigger the cubic volume of the space, the better. The inclination of the floor may not exceed 1%, that is 1cm per linear meter and the adjustable casters on the cabin bottom should be used to ensure level installation. The liquid N2 tanks are normally placed next to the cabin. Therefore, the space should have easy access without stairs.

The XL and Standard models require a doorway of 90 cm. The Slim model is equipped with a detachable step and door, which allow it to fit through a 70 cm wide doorway.

The space needs to be equipped with a 100 mm inner diameter ventilation outlet directly outdoors from the premises. Connection to central AC or building ventilation ducts is strictly prohibited.

The cabin operates on a standard 230V grounded wall socket, with a minimum 10A breaker.

CRYO°CABIN – models and measurements


Length 132 cm | Width 88 cm | Height 259 cm

Weight 300kg

Cylinder height 200 cm


Length 132 cm | Width 88 cm | Height 259 cm

​Weight 300kg

​Cylinder height 215 cm, designed for professional athletes.


Length 139 cm | Width 91 | Height 265 cm

Weight 300 kg

​Cylinder height 200 cm, with removable door and step altering width to <66 cm

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