X°CRYO – local cryotherapy when and where you need it

Engineered and manufactured in Finland, X°CRYO™ local cryotherapy is specifically designed to be used in localized cooling of the skin, joints and muscles around the body. It brings the benefits of cryotherapy to anyone, anywhere, as long as there is an electricity socket available. No installation or gases needed!

The X°CRYO is an electrically powered, compact, easy to use and safe local cryotherapy machine. Its four wheels and compact size make it easily mobile.

The operating principle of X°CRYO is based on a high volume and velocity of cooled air. This provides a very efficient and fully safe method of producing the therapeutic thermal shock to the treated area without risk of frostbite or other side effects.

Benefits of the X°CRYO

The X°CRYO local cryotherapy can be used to boost athletic performance and recovery, increase wellness, improve health, and enhance beauty.

Athletic performance and recovery

Accelerated muscle recovery, reduction of lactic acid, improved muscle mobility and overall elasticity. Suitable to be used to treat a variety of sports injuries, back, neck and shoulder pains, sprains, strains and other soft tissue damage.


Reduces swelling and liquid retention, joint pain and inflammation as well as reduces stress and promotes enhanced blood circulation.


Accelerates recovery from injuries and medical operations, provides relief from chronic pain, joint pain and arthritis.


Reverses signs of ageing, promotes glowing skin, reduces cellulite, increases collagen production and can provide treatment for various skin disorders. Cryofacials are also ideal for promoting healthier looking skin, reducing puffiness, tightening skin and treating acne. The X°CRYO can be used during or after non-invasive laser or IPL beauty treatments.

How does the X°CRYO work?

The X°CRYO couples continuous high velocity air flow with excellent heat extraction. The cooling of the air is based on a vapor compression cycle and heat exchange technology, which provide a maintenance free, continuous operation.

The high velocity of the air flow enables thermoshock of the target area at higher air temperatures (-30°C/-22°F) than many other devices. The hand-held applicators allow for maximum control and comfort. This makes the treatment 100% safe. The velocity of the air flow can be adjusted to suit user preference.

X°CRYO comes with a range of applicators making it a convenient all-in-one solution with a wide range of uses. Area specific and user-friendly applicators optimize results, efficiency and comfort. The applicators are placed against the dry skin of the area to be treated.

A recommended, typical session with X°CRYO lasts between 1­–3 minutes.

You’re literally minutes away from a more refreshed, pain free, fit, well and beautiful you.

Our applicators:

Cryofacial mask

Small spot, 12 mm Ø

Large spot 20 mm Ø

Medium cup 120 mm Ø

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