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Do you manage or coach a sports team, organize sporting events, or own and run business in the fields of sport, wellness, health or beauty? Let us become your partner in helping people become their best selves.

The X°CRYO and the CRYO°CABIN are the coolest way to bring the wide range of benefits of cryotherapy to your team, participants or clients.

The device is also available in a strong protective casing, which makes it ideal to be used in training and competition facilities.

When you decide to boost your business with our devices, you can be certain you receive the entire package. We offer a full installation service as well as marketing material and quick start guide sheets and information folders to make your cryotherapy space attractive, safe and comfortable.

So start getting cool the easy way right now.

When you want to add high-quality CTN cryotherapy equipment to your services, please get in touch with us here for additional information and your quote.

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CTN continues to expand with leading distributors and resellers in more than 30 countries. In the U.S.A. we have over 100 endusers.  Get in touch with us and we’ll connect you with the nearest place where you can try X°CRYO or CRYO°CABIN.

Would you like to purchase X°CRYO or CRYO°CABIN for your personal use? Get in touch with us here for additional information and a quote.

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CTN Cryo Academy will help you to get cool. Become a certified operator and discover you best practice with Essential & Advanced level online trainings.

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