General about cryotherapy
Operating the X°CRYO and CRYO°CABIN
Where can I try/get one?

General about cryotherapy

Q: How cold is cryotherapy?

A: The treatment temperature in the X°CRYO is -30ºC/-22ºF. The treatment temperature in the X-Mask is -30ºC/-22ºF. The treatment temperature in the CRYO°CABIN ranges from 110ºC/166 ºF to -130ºC/-202ºF.

Q: Is cryotherapy safe?

A: Cryotherapy is safe, when used according to the device-specific instructions and under the supervision of a health care provider, where appropriate.

Q: Can I get frostbite from cryotherapy?

A: Cryotherapy is safe, when used according to device-specific instructions, at the recommended temperature and for the recommended treatment time. It is important to use it only on dry skin and in the case of the CRYO°CABIN with appropriate protective foot and hand protection.

Q: How often should cryotherapy be used?

A: You can get benefits from just one session of cryotherapy, but it’s most effective when used regularly. Some athletes use cryotherapy as often as twice a day. Others will use cryotherapy daily for a week and then continue with once a month.

If you wish to use cryotherapy as part of a recovery programme from an injury or operation or as treatment of skin, joint or any other medical issues, or suffer from hypertension or heart problems, are a child or pregnant, always consult your physician before trying or using cryotherapy!

Operating the X°CRYO and CRYO°CABIN

Q: Does cryotherapy work through clothing?

A: Cryotherapy works best when applied to clean, dry skin. Clothing beyond dry cotton underwear and where needed also appropriate protective hand and foot protection is not advised. Metal underwires and metal clips in any item of clothing as well as jewellery may get uncomfortably cold.

Q: What do I wear in the CRYO°CABIN?

A: Protective gloves and socks, and dry cotton underwear.

Q: Can I wear jewellery in the CRYO°CABIN?

A: Your head will always be above the cryotherapy cylinder, and you can also hold your hands above it. Small earrings are fine, but necklaces, ankle bracelets, nave piercings, watches etc. should be removed before treatment.

Q: How do I set the time in the CRYO°CABIN/ X°CRYO?

A: The devices are pre-programmed with safe treatments. The maximum recommended duration should not be exceeded and will not bring additional benefits.

Q: How do I select the temperature with X°CRYO?

A: The appropriate temperature is set automatically when you select the treatment program from the operating screen on the device.

Q: How do I know which programme is suitable for me with X°CRYO?

A: The device comes with a quick access guide with recommended programmes. If using the device for physiotherapy, or for the purpose of recovery from injury or operations, please follow the instructions of your health care provider.

Q: How does the x-mask work?

A: The mask is an applicator attached to the X°CRYO. It operates by blowing cooled air through a number of openings in the mask’s inside. You can hold the mask at the comfortable distance for your desired effect. Do not lay it directly against your skin.

Q: How do the X°CRYO applicators work?

A: The applicators direct the cool air directly to the target area, e.g. knee or elbow, shoulder, hip or wrist.

Q: What parts of my body is the X°CRYO suitable for?

A: The X°CRYO is suitable for the localized treatment of skin, joints and muscles around the body. The device has multiple applicators allowing for precise   treatment of the selected area.

Q: Can I interrupt a X°CRYO treatment?

A: Yes, X°CRYO allows you to lift the applicator immediately off your skin if you should feel any discomfort. You can also move the applicator during the treatment if you wish to cool e.g. a joint from both sides.


Q: How do I turn on/off the X°CRYO?

A: There is a green on/off switch at the back of the X°CRYO floor unit.

Q: How do I empty the water tank in the X°CRYO?

 A: Some condensation water will accumulate in tanks inside the X°CRYO floor unit. This will mostly evaporate, but especially if the device is in active use, the device comes equipped with a soft transparent tube that can be used to drain excess water. It attaches to an outlet nozzle at the front bottom of the device.

Q: What is the power source for the X°CRYO?

 A:  The X°CRYO’s power source is electricity. As long as there’s a socket available, the X°CRYO can be used.

Q: How does the X°CRYO get cold?

A: The operating principle of X°CRYO is based on a high volume and velocity of cooled air. The air is cooled with the help electricity.

Q: What is the power source of the CRYO°CABIN?

A: The CRYO°CABIN is electrically powered.

Q: How does the CRYO°CABIN get cold?

A: The CRYO°CABIN uses liquid NO2 and patented Active Vortex Circulation™ which allows for effective and safe cooling.

Q: Where can I install a CRYO°CABIN?

A: The CRYO°CABIN should be installed in a space with easy access, a ventilation outlet directly outdoors, and no stairs. The recommended minimum floor area 3 x 4 m and a minimum free height of 2,65 m. For more information on installation, read here.

Where can I try/get one?

Q: Where can I get a CTN cryotherapy device?

A: Please go to our Sales & Support section for more information.

Q: Where can I try a CTN cryotherapy device?  

A: Please get in touch with us here, and we’ll find the service provider closest to you.