Why does cryotherapy work?

Cryotherapy is based on the rapid and controlled cooling of tissue. This increases your body’s own blood circulation as well as the release of feel-good endorphins and the antiinflammatory protein norepinephrine.

  • Cryotherapy is a versatile and fast treatment that can
  • accelerate recovery from injuries
  • reduce swelling and post-surgery scarring
  • alleviate muscle pain and migraines
  • manage chronic pain
  • help manage stress
  • increase overall wellness and beauty
  • boost athletic performance

Cryotherapy is available as a local treatment of a specific body area or injury or as a wholebody cryocabin or cryochamber.

Localized cryotherapy can be used for almost any part of the body. Due to the unique design of our XºCRYO treatment applicators and adjustable high velocity of the cooled air (-30ºC/-22ºF) coupled with efficient heat extraction, comfortable and fast treatment of pain, mobility restrictions and inflammation is possible in areas like the knees, ankles, elbows, wrists, neck and the scalp. Our innovative cryofacial mask makes toning and soothing facials refreshingly easy.

Whole-body cryotherapy exposes your whole body to sub-zero temperatures ranging from -110ºC to -130ºC (-166ºF to -202ºF) for a brief period. The recommended session duration is 2 minutes. This produces a thermal shock to which your body reacts by releasing chemicals and increasing blood circulation for fast recovery from exertion and improved overall wellness. Our CRYOºCABIN sets the industry standard in whole-body cryotherapy safety and performance.

The cold experience

In 2018 Janne had bilateral osteotomies to correct the alignment of his femur and tibia. After the surgery on his left leg in February he received no cryotherapy. After the operation to his right leg in October Janne received localized cryotherapy regularly from postoperative day four onwards.

This is what Janne says:

“After the cryotherapy session the swelling went down fast and the mobility of my right knee returned much faster than in the left knee that received no cryotherapy. Encouraged by the amazing results I went for cryotherapy nearly daily during my recovery.

Cryotherapy clearly accelerated my post-operative healing and allowed me to stop taking pain medication significantly sooner than with the knee that received no cryotherapy. I feel that cryotherapy cut weeks off my recovery time. This was a major advantage to an active, and sometimes impatient, person like me.

I can warmly recommend cryotherapy to speed up post-operative recovery. The effect is immediate, the treatment is easy, and it takes only a few minutes at a time.”

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